Social Media


We believe no two social media campaigns should be the same. What is good for one brand, will not be good for another. Each brand should have its own purpose and feel to it. It should have a background story and it’s own personality.

We believe that if you are using multiple sources of social media they should for the most part all be unique not all linked.(Example: Your Instagram is linked to your twitter, which is linked to your Facebook, when you post one picture, it goes to all three). What’s the point of following someone on all three? If you do have them linked,  throw in the odd post that is not linked. When we handle social media, we may link one or two, but we like to keep most of the media separate so that the viewer will stop on each media to read the message, therefore keeping your name top of mind.

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“The Message”

“Followers/ Likes”

We also teach social media sessions. We think that the best person to do your social media is you! You know your business better than anyone else so your the best person to market it. We  can teach you the best techniques in social media to get your business noticed. We charge $100 a learning session. This session includes a free followup meeting to touch base on how you’re doing, as well as unlimited questions after the first initial meeting.