Branding is a delicate thing. Each brand should be unique. It should have a personality. If your brand were a person what would it do on the weekends? Is it environmentally conscious? Is it a man’s man brand?

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When creating a brand there are many things to consider. You have to decide on the clientele you want to engage with, then decide what kind of things they enjoy and value, and then gear that brand towards them.

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Example: Live Pure is a brand that is used by mothers and wives who are environmentally conscious, concerned about preservatives and everything that they are covering themselves with.

If Live Pure were a person, she would be a mom, whose idea of a night out would be a “splurge group” with friends. She is heath conscious. She would take yoga or participate in family runs. Although a meal at her house may be spaghetti and meatballs, it would be joined with milk or “Happy Planet” orange juice. Although she is not throwing her money around, she is also not frugal. Her main priority is her family, but she is likely to be independently successful as well. Now you have an idea of Live Pure.

Our rebrands:
Dr. Courtney Kennedy
Live Pure
Stunned Monk
MissBea Contrary
Chai Chung