Our Pricing

Pricing varies from contract to contract. We boast about affordable prices that small business’ can afford. We design packages suitable for the client.


Websites start at $500. Additional costs occur with added complexity, page number, link structure, and social media connection.

Any additional work, after the initial website is complete is $50 and up, an hour (minimum 1 hour).

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Social Media

You want to do your own social media, but have no idea where to start? We can teach you! We offer teaching services. We will teach you what platforms you should be on. How to make a proper post using hashtags and +’s. We will also teach you social media etiquette.

1 session- $100
The Media’s




The Lingo
Organic Posting
Non-organic/shared Posting
Follower Interaction

Snapchat campaigns- Please enquire.