Miss Bea Contrary

  • “it isn’t just about being good looking, or having a lot of fun being really, really good looking” – Derek Zoolander

    Performance and quasi burlesque artiste
    Zumba Instructor
    Yoga Instructor
    Belly Dancer
    Costume designer & maker
    Dance teacher
    Booty Shaker on occasion

    Bella-d / Rigeur Moretease: One gal, two personailities

    Bella-d and Rigeur Moretease are a yin and yang performer. Having an impressive background in Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion, Samba, Classical Indian, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and things of a generally exotic far off nature, these two characters will fixate an audience with amazing dance ability above all else.

    Bella-d is the cheeky, fun and vivacious girl next door. She is unlike any other performer in that she exudes enthusiasm, friendliness and approachability and has the ability to affect all who watch her perform with her sparkling eyes and infectious smile. Bella-d is no diva and loves to interact with and relate to her audience members and have them feel accepted and understood. Her style is often fun focused, even when making a point and she is the kind of gal who can get the audience hooting and hollering.

    Rigeur Moretease however is the alter-ego dark mistress. She is a tempting siren, intense, serious and sometimes even belligerent. Rigeur Moretease is an hypnotic femme fatale who will ensnare with her wiles and leave the audience hanging in stunned silence.

    Whether your fancy a friendly and fun nirl next door or a Gothic dark mistress, Bella-d and Rigeur Moretease can accommodate any style event in a very unique way. Either Bella-d or Rigeur Moretease are available for specific request according to the mood of your event or venue. Costuming and theme requests are welcome.