Yes there is an importance to followers and likes, but you should not judge your brand loyalty by the number you get. You can have 4000 followers but if you’re Regina based and your followers are in England they probably will not be stopping in to you store front often (unless, you’re a click and mortar).

It’s about the quality of the follower. Are your followers interacting? Is your relationship two ways? (Brent eventually will be a link to online presence) You want your follower liking, sharing and commenting your posts.

Follower engagement! Show them you’re there. Don’t just get lost in the crowd.

On Facebook once you fall into their “like pages” (which means they rarely see your posts (unless they specifically go into their “like pages” and look you up), you will hardly ever show up on their timeline. Be a buddy go through your timeline and “like,” “star” or “+1” the posts of theirs you like. It adds your name to their post, which reminds them your there and make you look human.

Stay top of mind (and on their timeline). Sporadic posting doesn’t help. Be consistent with amount and timing of posts (don’t go weeks or months without posting). You want your name to be repetitive enough, that you’re the first they think of. You also don’t want to create a brand burn. Where you are constantly in their face, constantly selling. You need to find the delicate medium of entertaining quality posts and the subtle selling posts. Be an Oasis in all the background noise.

Social media is not just an interaction between you and clients. It’s also where you show up in their search. If they’re looking you up on the computer, what shows up? (Example: Yelp,, Urban Spoon, and

There are so many different sites where you can show up for ratings. People can go and write how the service was, what the quality of the brand was, etc.  It is very important to watch these sites and control them. Make sure they have your right contact information; pictures, product information and they give you a chance to see your feedback.