Facebook Has Made Huge Changes!

Facebook has gone through some huge changes with their algorithms this past week. It’s going to change the way posts are distributed to followers.

Facebook Changes:

Facebook mission WAS: “Find relevant content”

                           NOW: “Have meaningful interactions”

Links to external sites are going to get less visibility (has always been the case) but they are going to be a lot worse.

This post is leading to an external website.

This is a good post. The video is upload right to Facebook

Whereas before video was what was supposed to get your post to go further, now it’s live video. Not just live video, but LIVE video that people proactively search for. As well repeat viewership matters. So, if someone watches that live video more than once Facebook is going to push your post further.

Clicking, watching or viewing (hovering) no longer does anything for your posts. Commenting, Sharing and Reacting are now what is going to make your posts go further. (“Have meaningful interactions”)


Sharing- Someone sharing your post no longer ranks as high. People sharing your content in messenger will be what makes a post rank higher as well as if they share the post to their personal profile then one of their friends’ comments on it, your post will benefit

However, if that person shares your post to their profile and it gets no interaction, your page gets demoted in the newsfeed

So, what does this mean for you?

STOP posting WAY too often! It’s killing your reach. Stay relevant to your brand too many posts are demoting the rest of your posts.


Commenting- Page posts that generate comments between people (So brand page does not count) are now ranked as the #1 way to get your post seen and will show higher in the news feed.

Multiple comments aren’t as important anymore- Now They want to see meaningful comments that are more than 1 or 2 words (yes/ no/ thank you). They want to see replies to comments between multiple people.

You  should always be directing people to your web page (NOT links to external sites)

Posting 💟💟💟 or 😁😁😁 or just 1 or 2 words and then a picture…Is not a good post. It has no content it has no relevance and it’s lazy.

Facebook is changing your social media company should follow.

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