FACEBOOK GIVES YOU HELPFUL TIPS, SO USE THEM! On the right-hand side of your Facebook business page are tips on how to make your page more visible. Have you taken the time to read them? We’ve combined them for you. Posting on your Facebook business Page lets you: Stay top […]

Posting on Facebook

Facebook has gone through some huge changes with their algorithms this past week. It’s going to change the way posts are distributed to followers. Facebook Changes: Facebook mission WAS: “Find relevant content”                            NOW: “Have meaningful interactions” Links […]

Facebook Has Made Huge Changes!

Don’t ever get stuck guessing about your headers and profile image again! “The 2018 Social Media Image Sizes Guide” below explains to you what the best image sizes are for each social network and the image types to use. Every major social media platform is listed on here so you’re up-to-date […]

Social Media Image Size Guideline for 2018- Blurbpoint Media

Chai Chung was one of our first social media clients! We worked with her from 2014 to 2016. We had the great pleasure of working with her on her social media, website, and ads until she moved to British Columbia. Chai Chung is a dedicated Real Estate Professional that has […]

Chai Chung